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I Drink Your Blood - Vault 001

I Drink Your Blood - Vault 001

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Ask anyone to imagine what the heyday of New York’s notorious 42nd Street was like and, chances are, they will mention the sort of weird, wonderful and downright wacky underground movies that played all across the block. But even the most hardened of grindhouse movie buff would find it difficult to anticipate the excess and insanity of I DRINK YOUR BLOOD - released in 1970 to the sound of censors having mild attacks all across the globe! Following in the footsteps of Herschell Gordon Lewis and George Romero with its graphic gore - and anticipating the later likes of BASKET CASE and THE EVIL DEAD with its ‘anything goes’ splatter-comedy bad taste sensibility, I DRINK YOUR BLOOD spins a surreal story of rabid hippies - foaming at the mouth and dolled-up like rejects from the Mason Family.

Fast paced, spirited, stupidly over-the-top and featuring a memorable thespian turn from classic Scream Queen Lynn Lowry (THE CRAZIES/ SHIVERS), the relentlessly entertaining I DRINK YOUR BLOOD has been unseen in the UK since the days of VHS but arrived, remastered and uncut, in this bombastic Blurry edition. 88 Vault is happy to undo the padlock and once again give UK viewers the chance to enjoy this seventies sicko-masterpiece in all of its HD gory glory!

Directed by: DAVID E. DURSTON

  • Spectacular new HD restoration of both UNCENSORED X-RATED THEATRICAL CUT and ORIGINAL DIRECTOR'S CUT

  • 4 Controversial DELETED SCENES including the original blood-drenched ending deemed too disturbing for ‘70s audiences! (Also Available with Commentary)

  • Provocative audio commentary by director David Durston and star Bhaskar

  • Newly recorded audio commentary by stars Jack Damon and Tyde Kierney

  • Out-Takes

  • Mahoning Drive-In Show, 2015 -  Build up and reaction to the screening of I Drink Your Blood, back where it truly deserves to be seen!

  • Reversible sleeve with alternate artwork

  • Region Code: B
  • Picture Format: HD 1080p 1.66:1
  • Audio Format: LPCM 2.0 Mono
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: English
  • Certification: 18
  • Running Time: 88 Mins Approx
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3 Reviews
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